Any brand and any model chasis.

To keep your business on firm footing, you need undercarriage systems and components that propel your machines over any type of terrain and through every operational challenge.

ANİSMAK will work with you every step of the way, from preliminary concepts to full production. A computerized rating system enables our engineers to match your needs with excavator lower arrangements and systems that provide optimum value and performance.

A-Track A08 chasis are engineered and designed in many configurations to serve a wide range of applications.

  • Standard and heavy duty steelframes and components.
  • Special design features for forestry machines.
  • Weld-on and bolt-on attachment configurations.
  • Interface slewing rings designed according to customer requirement.
  • A wide range of hydraulic final drives is also available.

Standard construction sideframes are designed to fit most central undercarriage structures thus allowing our customers to be as flexible as possible with the overall design. In combination with an extensive choice of different components.we are able to serve a wide range of applications.

Drilling operations place unique loads on drilling sideframes. To meet this challenge, we have engineered and designed heavy duty frames based on long years of experience in building drilling frames for all common track sizes.

Our engineers have developed computerized analysis systems to determine the correct undercarriage for your application. This helps yield low operating costs, long service life and great value. The components you choose will depend on three main factors:

  • Machine weight
  • Machine application
  • Desired undercarriage life

Machine Weight
The weight of a machine is very important in determining the required undercarriage size. However, the size of undercarriage components used on a crawler tractor is not necessarily the same size that should be used on a different type of machine of similar size and weight. For example, an excavator weighing up to two-and-a-half times a crawler tractor’s weight can use the same size components, depending on travel distances, underfoot conditions, maneuverability required, machine speeds and desired undercarriage life.

Track Shoe Selection

  • Single Grouser Shoes provide good penetration and traction.
  • Double Grouser Shoes offer less turning resistance for greater maneuverability.
  • Triple Grouser Shoes offer the lowest penetration and resistance and best maneuverability.
  • Special Use Shoes, such as fl at, self-cleaning and rubber/polyethylenebonded, are available in some sizes.
  • Extreme Service Shoes provide longer wear in high-impact and abrasive conditions.
  • Shoes with special features, such as clipped grousers or mud slots, are also available.
  • See Product Tables for shoe width recommendations.